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Red Regent Software does not produce malware or encourage such activity. We are resolute in our effort to keep our computer equipment and development tools clean and free from malware.

However, occasionally some anti-virus tools falsely identify some of our products as containing malware. This is a common issue in the antivirus industry and creates problems for many legitimate software development companies.

To deal with this problem we are committed to working directly with antivirus companies to assist them in updating their signatures and detection methods when a false positive is discovered.

What you can do if you encounter an antivirus False Positive report with any of our products:

  1. Report the false positive to us. You can do this by going to this page to report a malware false positive.
  2. Please use the Product page on our website and then navigate to the specific product in question. There you will find MD5 and SHA1 hash codes for each of our products. MD5 and SHA1 are cryptographic hash values used to verify that a computer file has not been altered. You can use this cryptographic hash to compare the code of the file that you downloaded with what we have reported on our website. This way you can determine if your download is genuine and unaltered.
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