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A little background information about Red Regent Software

What is the name all about?
“Red Regent” is based on the meaning behind the name “Rory” (the middle name of the lead developer and founder). The real meaning behind the name “Rory” is “Red King”. However, there was already a business operating in New Jersey whose name began with the words “Red King”. Therefore, it was decided to use the words “Red Regent” instead.

About the Founder:
Percival Blenman is a professional software developer with over 35 years of experience in information technology. Percival has worked with various computer operating systems and programming languages and has a passion for computer technology that has never waned over the years.

Percival has a baccalaureate degree from Thomas Edison State University as well as several certifications and professional certificates in software development.

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Overcoming technology challenges through software.
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